Brad Douglas

The Film Maker

Since moving to Bend, Oregon in 2008, Brad Douglas has produced 2 DVD’s on Fishing Central Oregon, 22 episodes of The High Desert Outdoorsman TV show and a SAG independent short film called “BIG” based on the legend of Bigfoot. Below are samples from each production as well as the full version of BIG.

For Full Brad Douglas IMDB Credits Click Here Brad Douglas on the set of Big with Sven Holmberg and John McDevitt 

From Fishing Central Oregon Volume I, Gary Lewis, Guide Scott Cook from Fly and Field and Drew Shane head to Crane Prairie Reservoir for big rainbow trout action. To purchase this DVD click here.









From Fishing Central Oregon Vol. II, Gary Lewis and guide Paul Hansen hit the famous Deschutes river near Warm Springs for some top water Red Side trout fishing during the exciting Salmon Fly hatch. To purchase this DVD click here.





From Gary Lewis’ High Desert Outdoorsman TV show, we travel to the big island of Hawaii in search of feral pig, goat and sheep. Spotlighting  fishing and hunting  in the northwest as well as other spectacular locations, the multi award winning show aired in five states to an audience of nearly 3 million homes. The show has since been renamed Gary Lewis’s Adventure Journal and is produced by Zion Pictures in Sisters, Oregon.









Filmed on location in Central Oregon in the Summer of 2009, Producer/Director Brad Douglas embarked on his first independent SAG, 30 minute short film project called BIG. On a budget of just $20,000 and five days of shooting, BIG is a story about an LA film crew traveling to Oregon to obtain video footage of the legendary Bigfoot. Headed by documentary producer Reese Dickson (Sven Holmberg) and accompanied by director Julie Govern (Sarah Chipowsky) and an out of work actor Blake James (Dwight Slade), the team heads deep into the wilderness of the Sierra mountains on horseback hell bent to get the footage at any cost. Accompanied by local Sasquatch expert Mia Baxter (Marlyn Mason) and back country old timer Ted Stone (Ted Hiller), they end up getting more than they bargained for. The film also features a cameo appearance by Derek Sitter as a shaken local farmer who encountered the beast face to face on his ranch. Though more of a first film technical achievement, BIG is an example of film making on the cheap while still utilizing professional talent, areal filming, horses, breathtaking locations and cinematic artistry. To see the full crew and cast click here.


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