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I’m happy to announce that The Settling has been filmed and is in the hands of the editor in Los Angeles. I want to thank my incredible cast and crew for helping make this wonderful little film come to life. Director, Eric England who wrote the screenplay based on this story I wrote last winter, masterfully executed his job with the help of DP Dan Hertzog. Actors John T. Woods and Hannah Barefoot brought more to this film than I could have ever expected. True professionals in every sense of the word! We filmed on location at Odell Lake October 4th thru the 6th and couldn’t have asked for better weather. This lake is never flat but it was until the morning after we wrapped. The Settling will be appearing at film festivals world wide in 2014. CHeck back for release dates and locations.


Brad Douglas Tiesto College Invasion tour Video

This is the second time I’ve done a promo for Tiesto. The last time was for Angel Management Group in Las Vegas. Now for PR Entertainment in Reno. I guess I really should go to one of his shows soon. As you can see it’s off the hook!

Brad Douglas tapped for second season as the voice of “The Hunt” Hosted by Scott Haugen

We’re proud to announce the second season of  The Hunt, presented by Trijicon. Filming for The Hunt began in August, 2011. This 13 episode series focuses on hunting big game throughout the Western U.S. and Canada with both rifle and bow. The Hunt will begin airing in July of 2012, on the Sportsman Channel. In addition to serving as host of The Hunt, Scott will also produce the show. Longtime camera man, Travis Ralls, will be the point man on camera and serve as director for The Hunt. The Hunt will tell a complete story, from beginning to end. Elk and deer will be the stars of The Hunt, with bear, pronghorn and more being highlighted from time to time. For those of you who’ve followed Trijicon’s Game Chasers over the years, thank you. Game Chasers will be going away in June of 2012, and we’ve already wrapped-up filming for that show. Watch for more exciting news, updates and video clips on The Hunt in coming months. Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing you on The Hunt!


Roadside Official Trailer

Excited to be a part of this great little thriller directed by Eric England. What you can’t see can kill you. Especially my voice coming from the dark woods!

All weather fire starter video with Brad Douglas announcer

The Official Roadside Film Poster

Recording Roadside lines at 5000 feet

April 23rd 2012 – Los Angeles, CA

Back in the hills of LA recording additional lines for Roadside, produced and directed by Eric England. Although LA was socked in by rainy fog we drove about 5 thousand feet up into the canyons west of Pasadena to find sunny skies and a quite place to record (well sorta). Accompanied by director Eric England, actor Ace Marrero, Producer Daniel Dunn, sound engineers Stephen Tibbo and Justin Walker.

Brad Douglas named as the new western voice of cavender’s



I’m not sure how a voice guy from the west coast lands a gig like this but hell yeah pardner! Thanks Terry, Paul and Marcia I love working with you guys!

Since 1965, the Cavender family has provided quality western wear in the true spirit of the Southwest. Cavender’s has over 50 locations across Texas and the Southwest.

Brad Douglas named as voice of AppStack

Happy to welcome new client AppStack. AppStack harnesses the power of smart phones to open the doors for small business making it easy to bring new customers to the table. For more info go to

Ben Grossman Wins academy award for best visual effects for HUGO

 FAIRBANKS – Word of a hometown Oscar winner spread fast but not too fast from Hollywood, Calif., to Delta Junction on Sunday night.

Although his son Ben Grossmann was being honored for groundbreaking work in visual effects in the film “Hugo,” Ben’s father, Bruce, watched the awards ceremony on a fairly primitive platform, a TV with “rabbit ears” antenna that inconsistently picks up the channel that broadcast the awards.

Bruce Grossmann watched the awards ceremony while talking with his father in Wisconsin who also was watching on TV. Grossmann noticed there was a 45-second lag between Wisconsin and Delta Junction, so presenters Ben Stiller and Emma Stone were still on screen announcing the nominees when Grossmann heard his son was among four winners for “Hugo.”

He trained his camera at the TV to capture a snapshot.
“His whole life has been hard work, attempting tough things, never passing things up,” Bruce Grossmann said.
Ben Grossmann was one of four to win the award for “Hugo” in the best visual effects category. Their group beat films including “Planet of the Apes” and the last installment of the “Harry Potter” films in visual effects.

“Hugo,” an adventure story about an orphan who lives alone in a Paris train station, had a big night throughout the ceremony, winning five awards and tying for best picture-winner “The Artist” with the most wins.

“Hugo” was particularly dominant in the technical craft categories including cinematography, art direction and sound categories.

Ben Grossmann grew up in a cabin in Big Delta and began attending the University of Alaska Fairbanks at age 16. In Fairbanks, he worked as a photographer for the News-Miner and a stringer for The Associated Press. He moved to California in 2001 to pursue his film work.

Grossmann worked with “Hugo” director Martin Scorsese previously in the Rolling Stones documentary “Shine a Light” and the 2010 feature film “Shutter Island.”

“Hugo” was Grossmann’s first Oscar nomination, but he won a Emmy in 2006 for his visual effects work in the SyFy channel documentary “The Triangle.”

The Oscar visual effects category recognizes the art of manipulating images outside the context of live action shots. As a film shot in 3-D, the visual effects in “Hugo” were a particularly major undertaking. Grossmann’s team worked on 800 shots, more than half of the movie, and spent 15,000 man-days of visual effects work, supervising 400 people in five countries.

Sharing the win with Grossmann were visual effects supervisor Rob Legato, special effects supervisor Joss Williams and digital effects supervisor Alex Henning. The film garnered 11 nominations, including best picture and best director nominations, the most of any film this year.

Film critics have lauded the 3-D in “Hugo” as groundbreaking. Grossmann said he was present in a final screening of a scene for Scorsese with director James Cameron (“Avatar,” “Titanic”) just before “Hugo” was completed. After the screening, Cameron told Grossmann it was the best 3-D film that’s ever been done. Grossmann and his colleagues were modest and tried to tell him the 3-D wasn’t as good as “Avatar.” Cameron wasn’t persuaded.

“‘No, best 3-D film ever, don’t try to narrow my words,’” Grossmann recalled Cameron saying. “So we said, ‘Oh maybe we didn’t screw up. That will be nice.’”

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